Keep Track of Your Children's Growth with Birdy

Keep Track of Your Children's Growth with Birdy

Welcome to Forge Bold Studio, where we #Forgebold with our creative designs! We are proud to introduce our first product, Birdy, a wireless ultrasonic height-measuring device that provides easy and fun #MeasurementForFun. 

Birdy is the perfect #heightmeasurementtool for all ages - a digital ultrasonic device that can accurately #measureheight with no fuss! With its wireless design, Birdy makes height measurement easier and more efficient. Keep reading to learn more about how Birdy can make measuring heights fun and easy for everyone!

Patented Ultrasonic Measurement Tech

Birdy is a wireless ultrasonic height-measuring device with our Patented acoustic wave measurement technology.

The innovative ultrasonic sensor delivers a high-precision result with a mean difference of ±0.5cm.

Using an ultrasonic wave, you can easily measure the distance from the top of the head to the floor without emitting radiation.

One-key Operation

Birdy brings in a user-friendly interface design. All you need to record the development of your children is the click of a button.

Unlike a height tracking chart, Birdy doesn't need installation; you don't need to measure your children's height against the wall.

With just one tap, you can easily record your children's growth wherever and whenever.

Child-appealing Design

Asking your child to stand still may be difficult, so you need something colorful to attract their attention!

Birdy features an adorable design, not only colorful but delightful; a birdlike body equipped with an LCD and a buzzer indicator allows users to view the result easy-peasy!

With different color options, Birdy is eye-catching enough to motivate your children to stay still for the measuring process.

Wide Detection Ranges

Birdy's ultrasonic wave sensor provides precise, non-contact distance measurements up to 200cm on any surface and in any environment.

With a wide detection range between 30cm and 200cm, you can easily measure the height of a toddler, your teenage son, or even your spouse.

One device for the whole family, Birdy is the most cost-saving techy gadget you can find on the market.

Safe & Eco-friendly

Your safety is our priority, and Birdy is made out of medical-grade ABS material, which means the product can be recycled, ground up, reprocessed, and reused for utility.

We know the importance of sustainable living, so Birdy has an energy-saving feature. The device automatically goes to sleep when left alone for 6 seconds.

More importantly, Birdy doesn't break down or release harmful chemicals over time. You will always have peace of mind.

"Don't Let Others Define You, Your Life, or Your Future"

Creating products that help people treasure each moment in life has become our principle, and we are here to blend technology with harmony and love. 

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